Celebration Cakes

Celebration cakes are very often thought of as being for birthdays only, but it is not always the case.  We produce many types of celebration cakes for a whole host of occasions; from birthday parties for children and adults, coming-of-age, engagements, new job, proposals, passing your driving test –whatever event you want to commemorate, we will create the cake to fit.

When choosing your celebration cake, make it fun and not stressful.  Don’t let the vast array of choices get you confused or bewildered. Sweet Cake Bites are here to help you to order your celebration cakes. We cover the whole of Essex and London areas.

Baby Shower Cake 2How to choose the perfect cake

Here are a few tips that we have accrued over the years to help you putting together the ideal celebration cake:

What is the event?  Start at the beginning.  Is it a party to celebrate a birthday or special occasion or something more sombre?  If it is a party and it has a theme, this can be carried through to the cake.  If themes are not for you, then always popular are cakes shaped like characters, bottles of wine or even flowers.

Think colours.  These can be applied to both the cake and the decorations.  Does the person involved have a favourite colour? Can you coordinate to their outfit or room décor?  Alternatively, if the person has a favourite band or football team or hobby, the colours could come from this.  Horse-riding may result in a cake composed of greens and browns, or a car fan might like a bright red Mercedes cake.

Disney's Inside Out Birthday Cake

Choose flavours.  It helps if you know the dietary or flavour preferences of the person or people that the party is centred around.  Children and teenagers will have a different range of tastes to older people.  Adult cakes can be quite exotic and sophisticated whilst children tend to prefer traditional flavours, chocolate being a big favourite!

Decorations. Again, these can be tied into hobbies, likes, favourite people or pets, pretty designs or something related to the company if it is a business celebration.  Think out of the box – no matter how complex or difficult you think it may be to concoct, we can usually do it!

It would be a pleasure to bring your celebration cakes to life and make your next party the most talked about event long after it is over. Contact Sweet Cake Bites today! We can’t wait to hear from you!