Wedding Cakes

Cascading Flower Wedding CakeThink wedding and you probably envision in your mind’s eye the dress, the wedding couple. This will most often be quickly followed by your centrepiece for the day, of the wedding cake.  That is why, when it comes to wedding cakes, many important decisions have to be made.

Looking and tasting good

Your wedding cake is about so much more than just good looks!  It must look beautiful but it also has to taste good. That is why we take so much care with our cakes, not only with the decoration but also with the ingredients that go into them.

We  would recommend getting in touch with us well in advance of your wedding day, so that we all have plenty of time to consider the key ingredients and the design of your wedding cake and to ensure we are also available to on your special day.

We take details of the reception area, bride’s dress, decoration of the room and any colour themes. We will ask about special dietary needs and your favourite tastes.  For example; do you want pure white and vanilla, chocolate filling with a delectable outside or even a fresh fruit or flower decoration with an inside to compliment?  If you are not sure, we can provide you with lots of ideas to suit your taste and needs .

A cake to match the event

The design has to match with the formula of the wedding.  For example, a formal event may need a more structured cake.  A simple beach or festival wedding may be better suited with something much simpler and less ceremonial, like a naked wedding cake?

Wedding cakes can be made in many shapes, sizes and styles; round, square, oblong; multi-tiers or just one; elaborate decorations and figures or just fresh flowers; a mix of colours or with one prime focus – the choices are endless.  We can even arrange layers of smaller cakes or cupcakes to produce an exciting end result.  We can add in details takes from the bride’s dress design or bouquet or work on inspirational ideas conjured up by the location.  If you want the flavour of the cake to assimilate with the wedding menu, we can do that too.

We will always show you examples of our wedding cakes to give you some inspiration, once you have decided on the flavours, we will create some small samples to make sure they are precisely what you are looking for.  We will also make sure that the cake is the correct size to make sure that all of your guests get a slice.

We will work with you carefully from the first day that you contact us to make sure that everything is perfect and as it should be.

For wedding cakes in Essex and London, that will last forever in your memories and be preserved in all its glory in the ceremonial photographs; delight your taste buds with the perfect wedding cake from Sweet Cake Bites.